A death of a loved one is always a traumatic time. It may be a shock if the death has occurred suddenly, or it may be tinged with a sense of relief if the loved one has suffered a long and debilitating illness.

Among all the emotions that arise at  a time the next of kin also have to think about a funeral. If the family have a spiritual dimension to their lives a church funeral or thanksgiving service may be appropriate. In many cases a thanksgiving service is felt to be preferable as it enables family and friends to celebrate the life now ended in a more positive way, and to give thanks to God for that life, rather than the somewhat more sombre and subdued emotions which can permeate a traditional funeral service.  But the choice lies with the family concerned and with whoever is making the arrangements.

Nowadays, in the majority of cases the deceased is cremated rather than buried. However, a burial is still possible at St James’s Church East Lambrook but not at St Micheal’s Seavington or St Peter and St Paul’s South Petherton because these churchyards are now both closed for new burials. If a cremation is selected the priest taking a funeral service will normally also attend the crematorium to conduct a  "committal" service in the chapel there.

As a first step, if you are to make the arrangements, you may wish to contact your chosen funeral director and then speak to the Benefice Office on 01460 240377, or email