Would you like to get married in one of our churches ?

A wedding is a happy event, celebrating a couple's decision to make a lifelong commitment to each other. And a wish to make that commitment in church is even better; giving thanks to God and making the promises to Him as well as to the assembled congregation of relatives and friends, that will form the bedrock of the couple's future lives together.

A decision to get married leads to the need for a lot of planning. The first decisions to be made are where to get married and when. There are various rules in the Church of England about the connection that a couple have with the parish church in which they would like to marry. The Church of England Life Events Website can help to guide you: Please make contact with the Benefice Office as soon as you are ready to discuss your wedding plans and to book a date. 

Then, having agreed a date, there will be other matters to be decided in connection with the marriage service. Do you want church bells rung before and after the ceremony? Do you want the organ and/or church choir to perform in the service? Is there to be a video recording of the service, or just stills photography? What about flowers - who is to arrange for them? Will the church heating be needed (which may depend on the time of year).

Then, of course, there is the subject of cost. And even though the costs may be small compared with other parts of the celebration like the wedding breakfast or reception, the costs will need to be considered, especially if all the options are selected.

As you can see the is a lot to consider and in the first instance it would be sensible to discuss your thoughts with Reverend Tracey our Rector who will be able to steer you through the decisions you will need to make, and help to prepare you for the serious commitment you are both about to make.

The Benefice Office can be contacted on 01460 240377 or email